In order to celebrate the BXl Tour, les Ateliers Vélo de la rue Voot organize a folding bike race

The race will take place in the Bois de la Cambre's Velocity, the finish area of the BXL Tour.
The race consists of twice a tour of the lake. The first 10 of each tour will be qualified for the final.
The start follows the rules of the 24 Hours of Le Mans: cyclists on one side, FOLDED bicycles on the other side.

First race: 4:00pm
Second race: 4:30pm
Final: 5:30pm

Wanna join?
Register by email to with subject: folding bike race by Voot
Please note that participation is limited to 100 riders.

registration fee 2€

Course de vélos pliables

Le 25 juin dans le cadre du ''BXl Tour'', les Ateliers Vélo de la rue Voot organisent une course pour vélos pliables

Vouwfietsen wedstrijd door Voot

De 25 juni, in het kader van "BXL Tour" organiseren Les Ateliers Vélo de la rue Voot een wedstrijd voor vouwfietsen.